Healthy Bones 2014

When people have major health issues in their lives, it is important that Physical Activity Practitioners work with them to develop an appropriate physical activity programme to enable them to have greater control of their illness or disease and increase their physical activity levels. This activity should be a constant feature of the individuals lifestyle and not just a short burst. We hold many classes in community settings throughout the Barnsley area that happen on an ongoing basis. Many GPs refer patients to us and the difference that we make to their lives is amazing”

Bronia is one of the most highly qualified Activity Professionals in the area and boasts a string of qualifications. “Its important that people realise that our classes need to have individuals who are highly trained and qualified to monitor their specialist clients –the exercises are based around improving strength and balance which is evidence based exercise. Not many people are qualified to carry this sort of thing out safely and in many instances poor instructors can do more harm than good” 

Come along and try it - Please contact us on 07895 380615 or
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